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The Election Monitor

Monitor the trends, issues, and people that matter most during an election

Being in-the-know is vital during an election, but in today’s age of mass information, that task can feel impossible: before, during, and even after the election.

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Real-Time Insights

We’re offering completely customized insights delivered in real-time to help you respond to the most important developments as they unfold.

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Policy Monitoring
Policy Monitoring icon
An analysis of today’s campaign announcements,
including reactions from parties and stakeholders
Stakeholder Monitoring
Stakeholder Monitoring
Keep a pulse on relevant stakeholders and reactions to issues as they unfold
Leaders’ Tour
Leaders’ Tour
An itinerary of where the party leaders are today
Commitment Tracker
Commitment Tracker
A compendium of political commitments, formal and
informal, on the issues that matter to you
Your Issues
your issues icon
What’s been said on the campaign trail regarding your custom issues
Headlines icon
Summarising the big issues everyone is talking about today
Live Coverage
live coverage icon
With a dedicated team working around the clock, on-demand alerts will keep you in the know
Candidates’ Corner
Candidates’ Corner icon
Tracking candidate nominations, as well as profiles, through
briefings and accessible directories
Special Features
special features icon
New features will be added through out the election period such as debate specials and polling recaps
Opposition Watch
Opposition Watch
Always stay two steps ahead of your competition

Morning and Evening Executive Briefings

Twice a day, we deliver custom made intelligence briefings on the issues that matter most to you this election. We will help you make sense of all of the noise, filtering through hundreds of sources of political and policy intelligence around the clock.

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Real-time Alerts

Pushed alerts of vital, need to know information. From responding to a policy announcement from a party leader to preparing a candidate to speak on an emerging issue in the area, being in-the-know is vital during an election. We are monitoring issues around the clock and will make sure that you are always aware of breaking news, even while you’re asleep.

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Additional on-demand

Hyper localised monitoring icon
Hyper localised
Public Health monitoring icon
Public Health
Questionnaire development and distribution
Questionnaire development
and distribution
Design and multimedia services icon
Design and multimedia

"In a world where information is essential, the team at Delphic Research
ensured we were always informed quickly and comprehensively”

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