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We believe that sound advocacy and better policy must rest on a solid foundation of knowledge.

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Innovation in the life sciences has been accelerating, bringing new hope and opportunity for the future. Our Life Sciences Practice Area brings focus to the evolving world of life science innovation in the context of patient access, regulatory affairs, market access and reimbursement, industrial and IP strategy, and public sentiment. Our approach to monitoring this area is extensive and ensures that our clients are up-to-date on the ever-evolving policy and stakeholder landscape.

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The patient journey involves navigating a complex and evolving network of providers, coverage landscapes, and healthcare system components. The expectation is for a health system that manages optimally, ensuring timely and equitable access to the diagnostic, preventative, and therapeutic needs of the patient. Through the Health Systems Strategy Practice Area, we support those with a stake in the system through continual awareness of the changing policy and political dynamics, and the decision-makers and influencers.


COVID-19 has changed the world, and we will be dealing with the fallout of the pandemic for many years to come. Our COVID-19 Response and Recovery Policy Unit actively monitors global and local data and policies, providing opportunities for comparative analysis through both a scientific and policy lens. Our daily monitoring has resulted in a growing inventory of knowledge assets that can be used to develop actionable insights with respect to nearly every aspect of the pandemic and the world’s recovery from it. With specialists in public health, health policy, and health informatics, we ensure that the work we do aligns with the most up-to-date guidance from scientists and public health experts. This guidance is crucial in understanding how society moves forward from the pandemic and in defining how businesses, communities, and organizations can productively move forward while maintaining vigilance.

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Canada’s cannabis market provides a global opportunity to create jobs and drive investment in research and development. We have been engaged in monitoring developments in the regulated cannabis industry as part of a larger Psychoactives Practice Area, leveraging our knowledge platform in concert with experts in the sector. Looking forward, we are monitoring conversations and developments among other psychoactive drugs with therapeutic potential, in the context of the history and experience of other psychoactives that have been legally available for years.


While we’re always open to expanding to new industries, we have a specific focus on a number of strategic policy areas, or practice areas - sectors in which we leverage our platform alongside our interdisciplinary team to create customized knowledge solutions.
If you’re working in an industry that isn’t listed, please book a consultation here. We would be happy to chat about how we can leverage our platform for you.

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