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The Election Monitor

Monitor the trends, issues, and people that matter most during an election. We help find signals in the noise, 24/7.

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Policy Monitoring

An analysis of today’s campaign announcements, including reactions from parties and stakeholders.

Customized, Real-Time Insights

Keep a pulse on relevant stakeholders and reactions to issues as they unfold.

Morning and Evening Briefings

Twice a day, we deliver custom made intelligence briefings on the issues that matter most to you this election.

Commitment Tracker

A compendium of political commitments, formal and
informal, on the issues that matter to you

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Real-time Alerts

We are monitoring issues around the clock and will make sure that you are always aware of breaking news, even while you’re asleep.

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On-demand knowledge solutions for government affairs professionals

Acquire, track, analyze, and transform large-scale information sets into bespoke, actionable insights.

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Strategic Practice

We support a wide variety of sectors but have targeted a few practice areas as zones of sectoral expertise where we have more intensive monitoring engagements. We are expanding these practice areas as we grow and connect with new clients and new sectors.

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Check out our occasional team Insights, which dive deeper into current issues and trends.

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