Federal Budget 2023 – Getting you the Insights You Need

Published on
March 29, 2023
Written by
Mac Grenier
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4 min

Mac Grenier

Director, Knowledge Services

The federal budget has a certain air of mystery and intrigue about it. No major publisher can talk about what’s in the budget until 4pm, the finance minister walks into the house chamber donning new shoes, and then a designed budget book arrives with a thud. For consultants, GR practitioners, and corporate leads across Canada, the remainder of the afternoon is spent scouring through news reports, expert commentary, social media analysis, and for the ambitious, the budget document itself.  

It’s a stressful time, but there are steps you can take to make it easier. At Delphic Research, this is what we do on behalf of our clients.  

We tame the firehose of information and put a filter on it so it is something from which you can actually drink. We have developed a proprietary knowledge engine, called Argus 3.0, to help capture, categorize, synthesize, and distribute essential information for our clients. Perhaps most importantly, all outputs are custom tailored to customer priorities and interests, including the information you need and excluding the fluff you don’t.

We have your mission-critical issues preprogrammed. For Budget 2023, we know that what mass media is talking about is not always what is of interest to you or your company. We monitor hundreds of sources that contain issue-rich information relevant to you: from news, social media, and commentary to procurement postings, lobbyist registries, and the House of Commons Hansard. Yes, we even monitor the Department of Finance directly as this is where the federal budget is posted in its entirety.  

We understand your strategic plan of action once the budget is posted. From the moment of posting, many things are happening simultaneously: news media outlets begin publishing summaries, Members of Parliament start providing commentary and remarks, and stakeholders from your industry begin putting out tweets and press releases that laud or critique various budget details. We capture it all and, through our written summaries and insights sections, align the information with your business drivers and priorities.  

We do the hard work on your behalf. Our team provides you with big-picture summaries as well as access to minute insight-level details. We maintain an ever-growing list of stakeholders, experts, and industry organizations specific to client wants, and we know where each of them post and comment. Relieving you of the burden of reading every tweet, we will summarize the general sentiment from your industry, highlight key players you have pre-identified, and provide a list of all the commentary you may want to check out when you have the time.  

Our technology and team are ‘pointed’ at everything you need to know, and we deliver the make-or-break information you need directly to your inbox, ready to read on your commute to work.

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