The Academy: Becoming Prime Minister

Published on
September 14, 2021
Written by
The Academy
Read time
5 min

The Academy

Educational Series

Canadians are heading to the polls. Many Canadians are asking why we are heading to the polls at all and at the time of the election, 2/3’s of Canadians reported that the election was a bad idea.

Yet here we are.

With only one week until the election, the campaign period is picking up steam every day. But what is the point of all this? If there is no clear majority come the time of the election, who will become Prime Minister? What happens if the leader of the party with the most seats can’t make a convincing case that they could withstand a test of confidence in the House of Commons?

The question remains - who gets to be Prime Minister?

Watch the second video in the Delphic Academy series for the answers.

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